Wardrobe Consulting Services

Recently lost weight? Gained a new career? Dating after a divorce? Hate shopping?  Whatever transition is occurring in your life, I will help you build confidence in your personal style.

Wardrobe Audit & Closet Organization 

  First, you'll look through a portfolio of images to determine your style personality and define your body type. Next, I'll sort through your closet and remove all clothes that do not fit within your personal style identity and image goals. Then, we determine what can be salvaged by alteration. Finally, I'll coordinate your wardrobe like your own private boutique and style you a week's worth of outfits.  We'll also determine what items are needed in your wardrobe to further exemplify your style personality. 4 - 6 hours;hourly rate 

 Guided and Group Personal Shopping

 Guided Personal Shopping
 Utilizing the shopping list we created from your Wardrobe Audit, we hit the stores together to complete your wardrobe. With your budget and needs in mind, I'll arrive 1 hour early to pull your must have items and get you set up in a private fitting room.  For the last 30 minutes of our appointment, I'll show you how to shop for your style personality and navigate through the stores to find what's best for you. 4 - 6 hours; hourly rate

Group Shopping 
I'll take you and up to 10 of your friends on a shopping adventure! Based on everyone's style and budget, I'll create a custom shopping itinerary and be on-hand to provide style tips and suggestions before you make your final purchase. 2 - 4 hours; flat rate 

Style Concierge 

This service is perfect if you do not have time to shop or think about your personal style! I'll do it for you! For a full 30 days, you have unlimited access to personal shopping, wardrobe coordination, and wardrobe maintenance services. As an added benefit, you also receive a personalize style profile with photographs of your signature looks. (Includes Wardrobe Audit & Closet Organization) 30 days; Flat rate 

Virtual Styling

 Do you live 100 miles or more outside of Los Angeles and Orange Counties? With the assistance of modern technology, we'll define your style personality  and body type. Your service includes a custom lookbook filled with wardrobe and shopping suggestions that created to fit your needs.
7 days; flat rate

 Seasonal Styling

 A new season indicates a wardrobe update! Assessing your current wardrobe, we'll incorporate new pieces that are relevant to the changing weather. We'll store your linen in fall and bring out your wool for the winter! This service includes a guided shopping trip and an in-home styling session. 
2 sessions; Flat rate

 Corporate Services

 Assessing the needs of your organization, Jana Coke Style will help implement dress code guidelines for your company. I’ll help you in either a group setting or through our corporate individual image training sessions to identify appropriate business attire, manage fashion trends, and assist in new hire and intern workshops.


Jana Coke Style presents educational fashion seminars and creates custom presentations for your employees. With a focus on dressing for unique body types and shopping on a budget, your staff will grasp the true meaning of business casual. 


To foster a community, Jana Coke Style will organize a Corporate Clothing Exchange Program that will assist employees with building a professional wardrobe.


Gather up 10 or more of your friends for a formal talk about style. Workshop topics include: Defining Personal Style; Making Vintage Modern; Creating Your Signature Look on a Budget; and Identifying Your Style Personality and Body Type.

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