14 December 2017

Wardrobe Essentials: Do you have "House Clothes"?

What do you wear?

SCENARIO: You arrive home from a 10 hour work day. Your work continues as you prep dinner and manage any other domestic responsibilities. It's still till early for bed and your structured professional clothes are not equipped to handle the household demands. What are you wearing?
"Life is too short to wear boring clothes." -Cushnie et Ochs
During Wardrobe Audit appointments, I notice a shortage of stylish loungewear items in many of my client's closets. Instead, there's plenty of shapeless t-shirts and slovenly sweatpants. Ladies, let's change this!
It's time to elevate your Lounge Wear.
Trade in your shapeless tees for comfy faux wraps. Elevate your cotton hoodie to luxurious cashmere.

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