17 November 2017

What exactly is Black Tie? Decoding Dress Codes

It's Holiday Season!

Get Fancy. With velvet and satin all the rage for Fall 2017 Fashion, you should have no issue finding these lux fabrics in plenty. From swanky work events to an elevated house party, your wardrobe should match the festivities of the season.

" You can never be overdressed or over educated."-Oscar Wilde

When the invite calls for "Creative Black Tie" or "Cocktail Casual", what do you wear?
To help you avoid the frenzy and anxiety associated with dress codes, I've complied some visuals  by Style Personality. Use this as your guide for this season's festivities:

Tips for Classic Style Personality: Stick to clean silhouettes in solid colors. Velvet and satin fabrics should be your go-to's. 

Tips for Comfort Style Personality: Turn your love of easy fabrics into a formal wear with fluid silhouettes and elevated causal separates. 

Tips for Sexy Style Personality: Shine and texture are your calling cards for special occasion dressing.  Sticking to your style authenticity, keep the silhouette fitted but select only one "asset" to display for work related events. 

Tips for Feminine Style Personality: Now is the time for tulle and lace! Keep your look sophisticated by adding vintage inspiration to your look in classic silhouettes. 

Confused about your Style Personality? I got you covered. Schedule your 30 min Style Consultation to identify your  key looks for the Holiday Season. Click here to begin your journey. 

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