11 October 2017

If the Shoe Fits: Building a Shoe Wardrobe

From the bottom up.... 

Are you a Shoe Collector or a Shoe Hoarder? 

As a personal stylist, I have come across two types during Closet Audits with clients.

The Shoe Collector views shoes as art. Represented in their collection is a rainbow of colors, heights, textures with tons of personality. The Collector outfits their wardrobe with shoes first. If you own over 50 pairs but wear only 10, this is you.

The Hoarder views shoes as function. Often sacrificing esthetics for comfort and fit, the Hoarder develops this shopping attitude from years of frustration. Do you have a size that is challange to find? Do you wear your shoes down to the soles? Have a tough time letting go out of fear? You are a Shoe Hoarder. 

Whatever your archetype, here are some brands that will feed your addiction: 

(All items are available via Style in a Box) 

1. Sole Society,  sizes 5- 11
Unique patterns priced below $100, The Collector
will OD on this site.  

2. Stewart Weitzman,  sizes 4- 12
Impeccable craftmanship and timeless designs in extended sizes. The brand for The Horder. 

3. Nine West, size 5- 13
The brand for both! Stunning array of designs in extended sizes available exclusively on the site. 
Tyrell Pointy Toe Pumps

1.Take inventory of your shoes. .2. Create 3 piles:  Keep, Repair, Donate. 4. Establish your shoe budget. Schedule your Monthly Style in a Box Service.

Commit to your wardrobe.

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