06 October 2017

Budgeting your Style

The Responsible Wardrobe.... 

I gained 15 pounds. ​

In desperate need of a new wardrobe that accommodated my spreading hips, I headed to Goodwill for a $2 dollar clothing sale. I scored silk blouses, tweed skirts, and an Armani Cashmere sweater. I budgeted for $80 and spent only $64!
Winning this shopping lottery was the result of visiting 4 Goodwill stores within 24 hours and sifting through wardrobe nightmares to find gems. I dedicated about 8.5 hours in total to shopping.

You don’t have to do this. 

If time is money and I monetize my time at $150 per hour, my new fall wardrobe cost $1,339.  That is still a bargain considering the quality and quantity of my haul.

What I would suggest you do is create a Fall Wardrobe budget. Adding pieces to your wardrobe that exemplify what you already own. It could be adding one luxury item or several new trendy pieces. Whatever you decide is best for you, honor your choice and stick to your budget. 

Here's some suggestions for a $1000 budget: 

(All items are available via Style in a Box) 

- Pink Velvet Pumps: Looks stunning with a navy dress.  Sam Edleman $120 
Hazel Pointed Toe Heel  by Sam Edelman - Neon Pink Velvet - View 1
- Sporty Details Tote: Great work bag that plays well with jeans for weekend activities.
Marc Jacobs $450 

Big Shot

- Navy & Velvet Blazer: This will replace your go-to black blazer.  
Sandro $390

Sandro Velvet-Trimmed Blazer

- Dangle Earrings: Pull your hair high in a pony to display these beauties. 
Robert Lee Morris $28.50 

1.Take inventory of your Fall Wardrobe.2. Determine what pieces to add. 4. Establish your budget. Schedule your Monthly Style in a Box Service.

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