27 August 2017

Wardrobe Maintenance: What's Under Matters

What's Supporting You? 

The beginning of a great outfit starts with foundation garments. Your bra, your panties, and  slip are your keys to creating a seamless look under your clothes. It's nothing more dreadful than feeling unsupported!
Support wear was not created to suffocate and harm your ribs and squish your internal organs. If that’s been your experience, you've been wearing the wrong size*! Here's some tips on foundation garments: 

If you haven't been fitted within the last year, now is your time. If  you have been properly fitted (not at Victoria's Secret!) It's time to purchase new bras! Did you know that the elasticity breaks down with each wear? Body oils and consistant use makes a bra less supportative after 6 months.  If the band is ridding up; your cups over floweth,; and/or the straps are digging on your shoulders, you most def need a good fitting.


 I  like my panties to hit directly under my belly button. Yeah, it's a little grandma. The coverage holds in my lower belly and eliminates any bulges. I often go up in a size on thongs and tanga style panties since I have to account for the added volume in my hips and bottom. I highly advocate you try this. You will immediately feel more comfortable and notice less bulge in your lower belly. 

Main Image - Hanky Panky Cross Dye Lace Retro Thong (Plus Size)

 This miracle undergarment slowly disappeared into obscurity once manufactures popularized lining in skirts and dresses. I'm still a fan of slips.  With a little spandex, it creates a smooth line from my waist to my hips. Worn with summer dresses, it creates a cooling layer and adds modesty to sheer fabrics.

Image result for lucy b lingerie slip

Lucy B Lingerie Coquette Slip...vintage inspired! 


Commando Shaping Slip...smooth lines from bust to bottom

* Get Fitted!  The best place will always be an independently owned lingerie boutique. The staff are trained on measurements and have expert knowledge to know what brands to recommend for your bra size and breast shape. They will also advise on shapewear and suggest the best options. Say goodbye to discomfort! 

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