30 December 2016

New Year, New Color

Welcome Greenery into your life.

 It's all green. According to the color authorities over at Pantone, nails, clothes and walls, will all be green in 2017.

Influenced by the need for society to feel more grounded following the aftermath of 2016,  Greenery encourages a disengagement from technology and encourages more social and environmental awareness. The hints of yellow are a glimpse of joy and a reminder to exhale and appreciate. 

That's nice and all, but how do you wear it? 

If your personal color story is more on the cool color spectrum, I suggest pairing Greenery with white. This combo by W by Worth gets it right. 

I ADORE it with blue! Such a classic look that anyone can pull off with little effort.

Let's play around with this color together. I'm available for complimentary style assessments and personal shopping appointments at my showroom. 

Contact me for a personalized Greenery experience. 

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