18 August 2016

Fall Fashion:: What I'm buying

It's my favorite time of year! Although the sun is blazing with little chance of a cool down, my mind and heart are on Fall Fashion.  This past weekend, I went through the tremendous task of editing my summer and fall wardrobes. Usually, I edit as the season ends based on what I did not wear.  The purpose of this 12 hour task (I took 2 hour breaks every 3 hours) was to determine what I do not need and what I need to add. To start, I don't need any more white poplin blouses. What I do need is a white or cream cardigan. Those are basics that I tend to carry over from season to season and replace when signs of wear make an appearance. I also notice I have an extraordinary amount of blouses but not as many skirts as I thought. I'm also lacking in the dress department.

To compensate for my wardrobe deficit, here are some of the items I'm incorporating into my wardrobe this season:
This ponte knit dress is going to take me places. The fit is incredible- the hard to achieve balance of sophisticated sexy. The classic banker pin stripe on navy lends to a conservative vibe. I've been on a belt purchasing spree lately, and this wide belt with gold hardware is going to become a wardrobe staple. T-Straps are my go-to shoe and the Fall season is full of fun styles. I'm working on building my shoe wardrobe in unique colors and textures.

The former vegan in me feels guilty. Although this scrumptious vest is faux, the fur looks very real. I don't have anything like this in my wardrobe and I'm looking forward to incorporating this stand out with some of my favorite pieces...It will look amazing with my black pencil skirt and patent leather stilettos! I tend to shy away from printed skirts but ran straight to this beauty. It's constructed from a heavy cotton twill and features a digital fur print. How could I not want it?! I'm constantly purchasing booties for my clients but never consider this on-trend style for me..that's changing!

To give you some inspiration for your Fall Wardrobe, here are some key trends to consider:

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All Clothing from W by Worth Fall 2016 Collection. View more here. 

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