18 July 2016

Bye-Bye $2 Skirts! The end of thrift shopping

When it comes to shopping, I've always chosen quality over quantity. One well - constructed pencil skirt in the timeless shade of black instead of 10 skirts in trendy neon shades is a choice I always make when shopping- specifically thrift shopping.

With every item- regardless of brand/designer, quality, and priced below $20, It's dangerously easy to wind up with a wardrobe full of stuff. Stuff that hides the items your love. Stuff that was an impulsive purchase because of the cheap price tag. Stuff that requires an additional closet for storage.Stuff that you don't even really like. I'm tired of stuff. I want things with meaning.

It's pointless to aspire for a life full of meaning when I'm surrounded by meaningless stuff.

To get in alignment, to free my physical space from the clutter, I've adapted a new approach towards shopping.

I'm saying farewell to thrift and budget centered shopping.

You see, shopping thrift is a thrill. It's an adventure in the unknown.  Never knowing what I'll find and the potential to discover something great is the high. It's the shopper's version of gambling with time as the commodity. A commodity with little ROI.

The high of discovering an authentic Gucci skirt evaporates into thin air once a moth hole is discovered. I'm too old to play these emotional games with shopping!

My alternative to the gluttony of thrift shopping is curated shopping. A commitment to shop seasonal, 4 times a year. A commitment to add pieces that I absolutely adore. To purchase items of quality. To get rid of my fear of a higher price point.

To start, I've edited out my wardrobe of pieces that no longer serve a purpose in my life.  Just like some relationships, they had their season.

Goodbye to an era of the unknown. Hello to a future full of certainty.

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