18 February 2016

What's a Style Icon? My Style Story

Before it was Justice. The Limited Too: Circa 1994

We all have a story. In a previous post, I've shared how I developed an affinity for hosiery that's lasted for over 20 years. I've also shared my love for shades of blue. What I've yet to share is my style journey.
The awkward stage.
At least I had my matching top and
 scrunchie to get me through 6th grade.
Thank you Limited Too!

I discovered my love for style in 6th grade. Before Forever 21 and all invocations of fast fashion retailers, I had The Limited Too, Contempo Casuals, and Merry Go Round.

In high school, I graduated to The Gap (it was "The" Gap in the mid 90's); and Brass Plum, the junior's department at Nordstrom.  

8th Grade- I don't have too many pics from High School! I was camera shy. Take my word for it: I was decked out in a white pleated skirt, knee high socks, and platform maryjane's. 

I came of age before the internet. I received my fashion inspiration from TV and movies.  Clueless, My So Called Life, and Felicity were my icons. Ads in Sassy, Seventeen, and YM were my textbooks for great style. 

My So Called Life! Claire Dane's outfit to a "t". 

Close to 30 years later, I still see remnants of the past influenced in my style: Delicate floral prints, primary colored horizontal stripes, and of course, leg wear. Style is an accumulation of our life's experiences. Our aspirations, our inner desires, our cherished memories.  Style is personal. It is visual intimacy with the world. 

In essence, we are all icons of style.

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