19 January 2016

2016 Pantone Color of the Year: How to Wear it

When Pantone first announce the color of the year, I was a bit confused. Two colors that resemble a layette?! How in the world are people going to wear this?

You see, hues of blue are my favorite color. Throw in some shades of pink and it's the perfect combo for my home's interior. In fashion? Not so much. I've always feared the unity of these colors in my clothing due to the child-like emotion it invokes. However, Baby Blue Serenity is not.

Much more sophisticated, these two balancing colors are perfect on silk fabrications and tailored silhouettes.  Meant to be worn in unity, I've created some inspirational looks to guide us all:

Sticking with classic silhouettes and adding in semi-precious jewelry in Rose Quartz and Blue Agate will have you right on trend. The textured fabrications of silk and lace further emphasize the level of calm sophistication. The idea is to wear the color head -to-toe, don't neglect the footwear!

However, if you are a rebel and wish to break up all that calmest for something bold, here's 2 inspirational look for you:

Combine 2015's Color of the Year Marsala with Rose Quartz for a look that is perfect for winter.

Serenity + Navy = Tranquility! Such a conservative yet ultra fashionable pairing that's season-less.

Here's some other snazzy ways you can dress your wardrobe around Rose Quartz and Serenity throughout the year: 

 I can't wait to scan my current wardrobe for any of these fun colors! I'm looking forward to dressing in Serenity and Rose Quartz in 2016!

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