14 October 2015

My Signature Style: Hosiery

RIP to these Commando Polka Dot Nude Tights. They met their demise from a metal chair attack.

Whatever the season, no matter the trend, I pledge to cover my legs in sheer fabrics and textured designs. I am committed to hosiery!

I discovered the wardrobe transforming power of hosiery from years of ballet classes. I would coordinate my light pink Capezio Tights with my 90's style Clueless outfits and maryjane chunky heels. I thought I was so cool!

I would have TOTALLY worn this with my pink ballet tights. 

20 years later, I've traded in my delicate Capezios for Wolfords and Jonathan Aston stockings, tights, and panyhose. I have cutesy red tights with hear patterns, and sexy black fishnets with a backseam. 

These are my Betsey Johnson"Wicked" tights. One of my more fun pairings.

Often, I'll coordinate my outfit around a pair of 'hose. The eye-catching patterns are usually paired with solid, somber colors to keep the look from entering costume territory. 

This season, a few designers coordinated hosiery into their runway designs. Here's a few of my favorites: 

Classic point d'esprit Black tights add a  classic polish to this 40's ish DVF dress. 

Loving the pattern play of  this outfit at Anna Sui!

Let's first talk about the dear on this dress! Styled with  tomato red tights, this dress by Honor is so playful!  

Pairing lace tights with the heavy tweed coat, this Libertine look is sophisticated and sexy. 

: Here's the best places on the web to get your hosiery : 

- The Stylish Fox: European brands at GREAT price points! 

- Shapings:   Find difficult and small hosiery brands on this site. Based in Canada. 

- Discover Pique: A monthly subscription for hosiery! I haven't tried the service yet, but I would recommend it for ladies that are interested in building a hosiery wardrobe. Plans range from $2- $50 a month. 

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