26 October 2015

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe..With a Twist!

There is a new thought in getting dressed that matches the lifestyle trend of less is more. Frustrated with the complexity and indecisiveness that comes with a large wardrobe, many people are turning to "uniform dressing". That is, purchasing multiple pairs of the same item and wearing only that. (Think Mark Zuckerburg's hoodies and Steve Jobs's turtlenecks.)

Can you imagine only wearing a specific item and only that? Nether can I!

Instead, I'm a proponent of creating a capsule wardrobe that combines some elements of a uniform.

A capsule wardrobe is a smart and well planned wardrobe. Every piece coordinates and creates an opportunity for unlimited outfits. It's composed of items that are loved and are worn with confidence and not regret.

Although I'm pretty clear on my  style aesthetic (feminine-vintage-preppy) and my wardrobe is full of favorites that are a reflection of me, I decided to challenge myself and create a uniformed wardrobe that combines some of my favorite wardrobe elements.

To start, I pulled out pieces that were in my favorite hue of blue. Next, I selected 2 pussy-bow blouses and 2 jeweled button sweaters. Then I selected 2 skirts, 1 jacket, and 1 dress. Finally, I pulled out 3 necklaces, 3 earrings and 1 bracelet. OH! And of course, my outfits would never be complete with out my navy hosiery and navy pumps!

Here are the pieces:

Vintage Nanette Lepore Dress

Armani Jacket

Rodarte for Target Tulle Blouse 

Ann Taylor Silk Sleeveless Blouse 

Forever 21 Cardigan

Kate Spade Cardigan

Rodarte for Target Tulle Skirt

Vintage Ann Taylor Skirt

The Jewels: some new, some vintage

Hosiery (from left to right): Phiippe Matignon, Falke, Vintage, Kate Spade

Ivanka Trump Fabric Pumps ( worn with everything!) 

Now, Here's how I matched it all up: 

Nanette Lepore Dress + Kate Spade Cardigan 
Accessories: Long Crystal Necklace + Crystal Bracelet + Blue Drop Earrings
Hosiery (not shown): Kate Spade Swiss Dot

Nanette Lepore Dress + Rodarte Tulle Blouse 
Accessories: Blue Drop Earrings
Hosiery (not shown): Phiippe Matignon Floral 

Armani Jacket + Nanette Lepore Dress
Accessories: Bubble Bib Necklace + Vintage Button Earrings
Hosiery: Vintage Blue Fishnets

Kate Spade Cardigan + Rodarte Tulle Blouse + Rodarte Tulle Skirt
Accessories: Blue Drop Earrings
Hosiery: Kate Spade Swiss Dot

Armani Jacket + Forever 21 Cardigan (worn backwards) + Rodarte Tulle Skirt 
Accessories: Vintage Bead Necklace + Bubble Bead Drop Earrings
Hosiery: Falke Stripe

Forever 21 Cardigan + Ann Taylor Silk Blouse + Vintage Ann Taylor Skirt
Accessories: Blue Drop Earrings + Crystal Bracelet
Hosiery: Phiippe Matignon Floral

Armani Jacket + Rodarte Tulle Blouse + Vintage Ann Taylor Skirt
Accessories: Blue Drop Earrings
Hosiery: Phiippe Matignon Floral

Starting with 8 pieces, I created a week of outfits that can be worn for work and social commitments. With the aid of accessories and hosiery, I could stretch these pieces out for a mix of another 7 looks for the following week! 

Since I enjoy every piece of clothing within my wardrobe, I think 7 days of my blue uniform will suffice. 

I have not done this for a while! Here are the details of all the items worn: 
Vintage Nanette Lepore Dress: Goodwill, $7.99
Armani Jacket: Clothing Swap, Free!
Rodarte for Target Tulle Blouse: Goodwill, $4 (worn here, too!) 
Ann Taylor Silk Blouse: Clothes The Deal Boutique Sale, $2 
Forever 21 Cardigan: Forever 21, $16
Kate Spade Cardigan: Goodwill, $2
Rodarte for Target Tulle Skirt: Goodwill, $2 (worn here, too!) 
Vintage Ann Taylor Skirt: Ay Que Vintage, $15 
Jewelry: All thrifted from estate sales
Hosiery:  Phiippe Matignon, Italy (worn here); Falke, Nordstrom Rack $7 (worn here); Vintage Fishnets, Thrifted $1; Kate Spade, TJ Maxx $10 (worn here) 
Ivanka Trump Pumps: Nordstrom Rack, $55

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