25 August 2015

Clearing It Out: How I Edit My Wardrobe

I love this blouse! Unfortunately it was too hot and too fancy for many of my life's activities for Spring/Summer. I'm considering keeping it around for Fall...

As I do each August, I sort through my closet of all the items I have marked for Spring and Summer. Pastel florals, white eyelets, and flowy things automatically get packed away. Any clothing that I did not wear (within reason) gets placed aside for donation to Clothes The Deal.

This is so Spring! This vintage Betsey Johnson skirt is getting packed away. The sweater and accessories are staying. 

Once I edit my Spring/Summer goods, I pull out my Fall/Winter wardrobe and divide it into "Fall 1" and "Fall 2" categories. Fall 1 pieces are lightweight cardigans in jewel and earth-tone hues; cotton blend wool pencil skirts; and high-neck silk blouses. Fall 2 are thick wool sweater jackets; sweater dresses; and velvet pieces. Fall 2 Usually makes an appearance in late October.

This pleated skirt in a dusty rose hue is right on trend for Fall. It's staying in my closet.
However, the top is being place in the donation bin. I have a black lace blouse that I'd much rather pair it with. 

As I did for my Spring/Summer wardrobe, I coordinate outfits,- complete with shoes, purse and jewelry- and snap a pic and organize it into a folder on my iPad. I place a note on the hanger of the items that I glaze over or feel lackluster about. If I do not wear them within the season, I place them up for donation.

My wardrobe digitized.  It takes a little while to photograph every piece, but it is so worth it. 

In the video below, I provide you with a tour of my Spring/Summer wardrobe with commentary on what I'm keeping and show you some of my favorite pieces. (*Edit- everything in my closet is a favorite. Why wear it if you don't love it!) 

Here's some pics of the fancy sequin things I talk about in the video: 

LOVE this yellow dress! It's crochet knit with all over sequins. Pulled it out for a charity event this past May

2010 Aboard the Queen Mary for the Art Deco Festival. I got this for $20 at  Wasteland on Melrose Ave in 2009.  

I paired this Zara gunmetal sequin mini with a sheer lace top and sequined shawl for a Gatsby Party back in 2014. I didn't have an opportunity to wear it this year, but I'm thinking it will be great for holiday festivities. I'll match it with a slim white tee and black velvet blazer. 

One of my favorite finds! Vintage Oleg Cassini I wore to ring in 2014. 

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