21 August 2015

Meet My Client: René Nourse

 It amazes me how one of the highest forms of self expression is what one wears. My client, René Nourse does this effortlessly!

I met René almost 2 years ago at a career day event hosted at an all girl's high school. We were both speakers for the day. During our lunch, I immediately noticed her sharp spectator style pumps and a-line skirt..she was so smartly dressed! I was dying to know what else was in her closet!

Since our lifestyle is intrinsically woven into our personal style expressions, I've invited René to share her story in her own words.  Enjoy!

I LOVE this Dress on René! It's a navy Ellie Tahari shift.
 It was lucky find for her at Bloomingdales! 
René's Story

As a Certified Financial Planner and  Founder of Urban Wealth Management, I love to live in the space that most women are uncomfortable being in: Finances and Financial Matters. I enjoy helping women make sense out of their financial lives so that they can create the life they desire and deserve. My mother has been my inspiration and while she was a strong and independent woman, who
raised three kids on her own, the decisions she made early on didn't work to support her later on in life. So, knowing that I can make a difference in a woman's life is why I do this, and what drives me to continue on the path towards enlightening women about how they can make smart decisions
and be savvy with their money. It’s never too early or too late to take control of your financial life. Step into your power and make it happen!

On the personal side, I keep it real by listening to jazz, old school R&B and oh yeah, some classical too. I’m a patron of the arts and enjoy live theatre and art galleries. I enjoy biking and just took up golfing to make sure I get some sunshine and the opportunity to meet people out on the green. Next big thing? I’d like to learn how to play the harp, but I have to figure out where to put it in my house! I’m also active in my community with non-profits that focus on inner city youth via mentoring, cultural enrichment and after school programs.

And of course, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care a bit about fashion. As my  own personal stylist, Jana has asked me a few questions so you can all get to know me from a styling perspective. Hope you enjoy!

JC :What influences your style?
RN: Whatever I look good in! I like to stick to  classic pieces that I know fit my body type. (Rene' will feature her style is my model for my upcoming series on Dressing for Your Body Type) 

JC: Do you have a style idol?
RN: I’d have to say it’s a combination of Coco Chanel’s classic look tied with First Lady Michelle Obama's style. Michelle knows how to dress for her body type and whether it's casual or First Lady
Formal, she looks fabulous in clothes that are classics and that fit her body well. She’s original!

JC: Describe your style in 3 words.
RN: It’s classic, sassy and conservatively edgy.

JC: What are some of your favorite stores/brands/designers?  
RN: For stores, I like to shop at White House Black Market, Nordstrom Rack (Hey – what can I say?  I'm a financial planner, so I'm a bargain hunter!). I love Cabi because : 1) I know that season to season, I can always find something that matches what I bought 3 seasons ago in color and/or style; 2) I can mix  being with my friends and buying clothes in the comfort of my home, and 3) I don't have to deal with the dreaded dressing room drama.  As for designers, I really like Donna Karan and Elie Tahari. Both designers have beautiful classic pieces that can be worn over and over again- no matter what's in season. For more funky stuff, I like BCBG, which is who I’m wearing right now.

JC: What's your biggest fashion faux pas? 
RN: Buying something that looks good on the hanger: the color's great, the style is awesome, but doesn't look good on me or is ill-fitting and then I end up letting it languish in my closet!
For example, I cannot wear cropped or ankle length pants. I've tried them a few times and, even had the cutest flats to wear with then, but I ended up looking like a chunky, walking lollipop! (I DESPISE Cropped Pants!) 

JC: What's your biggest indulgence?
RN:  Lingerie. If you don’t feel good underneath, the rest doesn’t matter.

JC: What's your favorite wardrobe item/outfit and why?
RN: There are a few, but for the summer, I have a great Tahari sleeveless color block dress, with a
coral body, navy blue ribboned straps with the front hem color blocked in  navy and the back hem in cream. I can only wear it May through September and I always get compliments on it because it’s unusual, and it fits me to a "T."The other piece I’ve worn to death! I’ve had it for so long that the pants are now almost see-through, but hopefully nothing a good tailor can’t fix. It’s a beautiful two piece pant suit, but instead of seams in the back of the jacket, there are 8 buttons. It’s classic in the front, but in the back it makes you go “Woah!” The pants are wide-legged and it looks like a man’s suit, but with feminine touches. It was an expensive purchase at the time, so it took me two hours to decide to buy it, but it’s the best investment I’ve ever made! I’ve had it now for about 15-16 years, and the jacket is still a perfect addition to any look.

To learn more about René, or to connect, visit www.urbanwm.com.

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