08 June 2015

Self-Care: Loving You

Have you ever been so busy with life that time for a 30 minute manicure was non non existent? I know I have.  This little "luxury" was not important in the scope of meeting professional deadlines and getting sleep. Sleep was my luxury.

I've learned that in the times of my life when emotional demands from relationships and professional challenges are the moments when my self care needs to become a top priority.

How do you make it happen?

I love to read the daily schedules of successfully professional people. Usually, these high-achievers wake earlier than most to satisfy a commitment to an activity that encourages their spirit, feeds their intellect, or challenges their physicality. My girl crush Mellody Hobson wakes at 3:50 am to exercise! 3:50 am! What time does she go to bed??


 Now, I am in  no way an advocate of waking before 7 am, but Mellody is an an example of creating a schedule for her life that allows her to care for her. As the president of  an investment company with $10 billion in assets and the Chairperson of Dreamworks, I'm confident to say that she's a person with very little time.

With all this being said, I can prioritize a 30 minute manicure.

What time is your self-care scheduled?

Set aside at least 30 minutes  a day ( goal: 1 hour!) for any of the suggested activities:

- Journaling
- Take a bubble bath
- Yoga
- Running/walk in nature
- Meditate/Prayer
- Watch a TED Talk
- Listen to an inspiring or funny podcast ...I suggest The Moth 
- Record affirmations on your phone..listen to it daily
- Prepare and eat your first or last meal of the day at home.
- Coordinate an outfit for an exciting day planned in your week ...I can  help!

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