14 April 2015

Why I Adore Spring...

As I type this, I'm listening to a symphony of melodies courtesy of the birds outside my window. I feel the crisp breeze of the mid-day air blowing on my arms, and my noise is filled with the sweet scent of purple hydrangeas spouting their first bloom of the season.

This is why I adore Spring.

With all the beautiful envelopment of my senses, my style can't help but to match. Gone are the emerald greens and plush velvet of the Fall.  Bring out the sensual silks in lavenders and happy gingham prints!

Here's what I'm wearing for Spring:


This checkered pattern is reminiscent of apple pie and picnics on a park's lawn. Classic Americana, it's gotten a sophisticated twist by the designers for Spring 2015 in silk fabrics, wispy silhouettes, and clean lines.

Besides a vintage apron I got from an estate sale, my wardrobe is missing this iconic retro print! I've been doing some virtual window shopping to determine which pieces I should incorporate:

So classy! So sophisticated! I'm loving this DVF Wrap Sweater! At $348, I'll continue to love it from afar.

Such retro flair! The a-line shape will skim nicely over my hips. I would pair it up with a silk blouse in soft pink and slingback sandals. At $68, the price isn't too bad..I'm confident that I can find something similar for 95% less thrifted and of better quality.


Wake-up on the wrong side of the bed? Wear yellow. The quintessential color of optimism will change the trajectory of your day. To make it versatile to all complexions, designers played the hue out in interesting patterns and texture as shown above.

I have quite a bit of yellow in my wardrobe for Spring; it's one of my favorite colors!

Unfortunately, I don't have any proof by way of photographs.

Since my closet is already full of yellow's optimum, I don't plan on bringing any new pieces into the fold. If I were, it would be these:

I had a 15 minute financial prep talk with myself about this dress. It's by a Los Angeles based brand called Dear Creatures and sold at one of my favorite local boutiques,  Salvage Life.  This dress is the embodiment of my personal style! Although the purchase would support a local retailer and a local brand, at $112 It's not a wise decision that's pleasing to my bank account. A small win for financial maturity. Yay.

This is cute. I love the large blue roses against the soft yellow background. This Marc By Marc Jacobs Skirt is currently on sale at Nordstom for $166.88, considerably a deal at 40% off. I'm going to wait around and see if it lands at The Rack for under $100....wish me luck.

I'm quite troubled that there's not a solitary picture of me in yellow floating around in social media! That's going to change. I have this GORGEOUS crochet and sequined dress by Manoush that I plan to wear for an event in May. Their will be pictures.


You can't experience Spring Fashion without Floral! Before Oscar De La Renta departed us, he blessed the Earth with the beauty of his Spring 2015 Collection. Full of embroidery, organza, and delicate florals, this collection ushers in a return to feminine dressing.

Needless to say, my wardrobe is stocked full of florals of all variations. My favorite is an organza 1950's tea length dress that features a cascade of  patterned blue roses. Again, no pictures to show proof.

Here's some accessories that will pair beautifully with my current Feminine Florals:

Just darling! This sequin pouch by Boden has a vintage feel to it. I'm loving all the sparkle in the middle of the flowers...reminds me of a broach. Because of the beauty of the embellishment, I wouldn't mind paying $71 bucks.

These are the slingbacks I would wear with the gingham midi skirt that I find at a thrift shop. Just like the pouch, it's online at Boden waiting for me to fork over $125.

Gingham, Yellow, and Feminine Florals. ....that's what I'm going to wear!

 I promise to show proof with pictures.

What are you wearing this Spring?

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