10 June 2014

Wardrobe Essentials: Linen for Men

These two handsome men do linen right!

Who doesn't love linen?

 As merino wool is to Winter, linen is to Summer. It's a crisp fabric that oozes cool, specifically when worn by a man. 

If your profession keeps you in a suit, choose a blazer in light beige and pair it with a navy pant for a classic look. For a business, pair a structured button-down linen shirt in classic blue with your favorite dark denim. 

Men, here's some suggestions on how to incorporate linen into your Summer Wardrobe:

I am partial to work pieces from Banana Republic- they get professional dress! If you still want that classic look without the price, head over to Banana Republic Factory.

I consider myself a fashion rebel and don't adhere to the "rules" of style, however linen is specific to the Spring and Summer months. It's just too cool for winter!

Happy Shopping!

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