10 January 2014

30 Day Wardrobe Challenge- Day 1: My Love Outfit

By my frugal standards, this is an expensive outfit. However, I justify the purchase. The Trina Turk Lyocell blouse feel like a second skin and the rich teal color made me gasp when I tried it on at Nordstrom Rack. Since I had started to mentally prepare outfits, I had to have it. Purchased over a month ago, I was saving it to wear in the warmer months.

I've gotten entire wardrobes for that price at GW's $2 sales!

 Can you tell that the skirt is navy? Just like the blouse, this was a mandatory purchase. Due to unexpected weight lost, my other beloved navy skirt no longer fits. My hips were embarrassingly non-existent as it danced around my waist. I had two options: gain weight or get a replacement. While out shopping for a client at the Ann Taylor Factory store in Orange County, I decided to keep the weight and lose my prior love...This one loved me back! Just like the blouse, the fit was divine.

Paired the loves with a Dana Buchman velvet blazer.

If you haven't been to an estate sale yet, these earrings should give you cause.  I paid $5 bucks for them! 

Now, here's the frugal part of this outfit! These Falke tights, which can cost upwards of $65, cost me $7 dollars.

These have been staples in my wardrobe for over 5 years...and they are from Target!

 I will see my loves again in one month.....

Trina Turk Blouse, Nordstrom Rack, $39.97
Dana Buchman Blazer, Got it for FREE (I did a stint managing a consignment shop 3 years ago. The best part was the clothing allowance! Expect to see many free items..)
Ann Taylor Factory Skirt, $39.99
Falke Tights, Nordstrom Rack, $7 
Mossimo Shoes, Target, $14.99 
Banana Republic Belt, $10 (It's 12 years old!) 
Vintage Earrings Circa 1960's, $5 

Outfit Total: 106.95

I'm also challenging myself with food! Read about my 30 Day Frugal Vegan Challenge on my other blog.

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