07 March 2013

The Quest for Frugal Bras

This was my favorite bra. I'm going to miss her!

I've been wearing the wrong bra size.

 Like 90% of American women, I was facing the responsibilities of the world without the proper support. What's sad about all this, is that I'm  a staunch advocate for proper undergarments and include bra fittings with every personal shopping appointment with my clients. It was time for me to hire myself.

Since I went a cup up on a size that was already difficult to find, I was faced with an expensive and timely challenge. How was I going to frugally build up my bra wardrobe with this close to impossible bra size?

It looks huge because it's full coverage. Looks awesome with form fitting sweaters. Natori $15, Nordstom Rack
Now, this is a pretty bra! Bustier style was a bit more costly- but I could not pass it up. Freya $32, Nordstom Rack
I headed to Nordstrom Rack. Since I knew Nordstrom's main line stores carry a nice selection of impossible to find sizes, Nordstom Rack receives the season's leftovers. Based on experience, the hard to find sizes are usually the first to go and the first to get marked down. Lucky for me, they had only 2 in my size. This is indeed going to be a challenge.

Not to get discouraged, I hit up two other Nordstrom Racks and walked away with 3 more bras! At the most frugal prices!!!

Please take note:

- If you are not within the "traditional" sizes of 34-38 bands and A-D cups, do not shop stores that don't  support you. Also, get measured at a non-mainstream lingerie boutique or a  high-end department store like Bloomingdales or Nordstom. The ladies at the department stores and boutiques have been trained on fit and know which manufactures cater to your size. Stay far away from Victoria's Secret.

-  American and European manufactures size differently. For example, I'm a 30F/G  in European Brands like Chantelle and Freya- and a 32DDD in Wacoal and Natori.

- Always try before you buy. Each bra is cut completely different from the next. Sometimes even in the same style!

- Just like with shoes, NEVER purchase a bra that is too small or too big. Lack of support is not sexy.

- A good bra feels like the embrace of a friend you have not seen in a very long time. A bad bra is the equivalent of a limp handshake from a coward.

- Buy quality bras from quality brands. As much as I love Target, I would advise against purchasing your everyday supporters from there. A horribly crafted bra feels horrible.

-  If you have a much more difficult size (28-30; 40-50 band, below an A above a G cup) pay a visit to  a lingerie boutique within your city and make friends with the staff. Hopefully, they will inform you when your size goes on sale.

My new Favorite. Frugal and fabulous! Ella Elle Macpherson, $9.75 Nordstom Rack

My plan is to visit Nordstom Rack at least once a week to see what's available to build up my brassiere wardrobe. Hopefully, I will stay this size for a long while.

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