16 October 2012

Trends I Hate

Is this a shoe or a weapon?

This may get ugly. And controversial. There are some fashion trends out in the world that I will not be caught dead in. For one, leggings as pants. (you can see the jiggle in my wiggle for goodness sakes!)  These below trends are just wrong:

High Low Dresses

These dresses are ridiculous. That much deviation in hem lengths just does not make since! Sure, this may look cute on this model but according the website I snagged this image from, she's on the skinny side. With her  5'11  height and measurements of 32-24-35 most clothes hang on her. Now, image a 5'1 curvy girl with measurement that read 36-25-37 in this dress...Not cute. 

Platform Pumps

The blame goes to Cinderella and my mother, but I  was raised to believe that a lady's shoe should be graceful. Heels with a platform are not graceful. They are clunky.

Maxi Skirts
Ah! Where do I begin? Now, lets image if a professional 30 something woman wore this to work. What do you think would happen? What about our 5'1 curvy girl? This skirt reminds me of lingerie- and not in a good way.

Cropped, Pattered Pants

As my clients can attest, I despised cropped pants. For most of us, they cut our height in half and give the illusion of gigantic thighs. Now, the fashion folks want to add a pattern and make them skinny?

Lesson: just cause it's in the stores, on the runway, or in a mag - the look is not necessary for you.

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