29 June 2012

Wearing Lingerie outside the Boudoir

Hanging out with the very pretty things at Lucy's Boudoir for a film project. Photo courtesy of  Lucy B.

I got the opportunity to discuss panties, bras, hosiery and all things lingerie in front of a camera for a continuous 8 hours. Heaven! The best part was actually discussing it in a local lingerie boutique in my city!

Lucy's Boudoir is just absolutely fabulous. This true lingerie boutique is my new candy store. Filled with pretty, lacy bras and undies (and HOSIERY!), the owner Michelle knows what a lady wants. As the designer of the retro inspired lingerie line Lucy B, her designs pay homage to a time when outfit coordination included your bra and panty. 

That inspiration lead me to create the following outfits:

Romper: Cacique, GW, $4.99. Yes, I wear pearls to bed. I wake up feeling pretty!

Remember the lingerie store Cacique? Before the store was connected to Lane Bryant, this brand specialized in french inspired lingerie. I was ecstatic when I scored this at GW and  was a bit bummed that this romper would be restricted to the confines of my home. That is until I concived this outfit:

Necklace: random thrift store, $3 Skirt: Paul & Joe Sister sample sale, $5
See how I transformed this  romper into a camisole? Now, I can finally share this cutie with the outside world.

Bustier: Fredrick's of Hollywood, $15, Pants: Victoria's Secret, GW, $7.99 (part of a set)   

Um, this one is tricky. There's no way I can wear these pants out in the world. Can you image what would happen if I wore those to Trader Joe's? But, I can work with that top:

Skirt: Vintage, Thrifted $10; Necklace: random thrift store, $15

Layering a lace camisole under the ribbon bustier cuts down on the overt sexiness, while the white lace pencil skirt adds some sophistication. And of course, the triple strand pearls are pure class. Do you think I can get away with wearing this to church?

Dress: Rodarte for Target, $12.99; Belt: Gift; Necklace: FIDM Scholarship Store, $6.99

Now, this is not lingerie. But the nude color and lace detailing of the slip is a bit sensual. However,  this tulle overlay slip dress reminds me of my ballet days. So instead of lounging, I feel inspired to break out my pointe shoes for some fouette turns. (Yeah, right!)

Nope. can't wear those panties as outerwear. Panty: Purchase here.

Dress: Betsey Johnson, GW $7.99
Slip: Vintage, Estate Sale, $2
Shoes:  Let's ignore those. 

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