12 May 2012

Lingerie...For Your Feet

 I believe that lingerie should be worn everyday. Dusting, washing dishes, and just watching TV suddenly becomes glamorous when wearing a thrifted La Perla slip under a vintage Christian Dior Robe. And because I consider lingerie a key component of my wardrobe, I have select shoes that are reserved for these outfit selections.

  Silk Bustier with matching Sheer Pants: Victoria's Secret, GW $7 (New with tags!)
Satin Mules: Nina, DSW $15
Triple Strand Pearls: Thrifted

Yes, I said outfits. Just as I would coordinate a dress with the right shoe and jewelry pairings, I do the same for my lingerie.  The sensual feel provided by this silk bustier and matching sheer pants just calls for some red mules.

Vintage Babydoll Nightie: No label, GW $5
Marlboro Slippers: Ellie, Main Place Christian Thrift Store $3

Just as this sheer babydoll calls for these Marlboro slippers. Now, because this nightie is extremely sheer and I do not have window coverings, I reserve this for my bedroom only. But, even in there the shoes have to match!

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