21 May 2012

Curly or Straight? A Hair Memoir


I hated my curly hair. Unruly, unpredictable, inflexible- It had a personality all it's own. For most of my mid to late twenties, I kept the spirals under the control of a flat iron. I went so far as Japanese thermal reconditioning!  Once that treatment finally grew out, I started the process of falling in love with my curls.

There's this perception that curly girls are demure or as my mom would say, ingenue-ish. Or, as in the case of type casting for female villains, wild and crazy (i.e. Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman; Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction)- with sleek locks being sophisticated and mature. Mature? That perception is exactly why I straightened my hair.

Circa 2009: Do I look more mature?

I was going through a transitional period in my life where I felt like I needed to be taken more seriously. With a new job and marriage, I found myself playing a role. Those curls were holding me back.

Circa 2004: Long Ringlets

But, those curls made a confident comeback last year.  I cut my hair into a stylish curly bob and promised myself not to put a ceramic plate on my hair for a year. One week ago, I broke my curly fast and hated the end result. Limp and wispy, I did not recognize my hair in the mirror. I looked so serious! I want my playful curls back!

I've learned that my curls reflect my true personality. I've accepted that I am indeed a bit unpredictable, wild, and crazy (more Catwoman than Fatal!). And just like my spirals, I bounce back. I love my curly hair.

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