30 April 2012

60 Day Wardrobe Challenge: FINAL!

Photo by Philip and Michelle Darlington 

I've been so busy with other projects that I've deserted the Challenge. I'm sorry. But, in my humble opinion, the projects I've been working on are so much more interesting!  If you noticed, I've added new pages to this here blog- Check it out for the out come of those projects!

This Challenge was a bit hard due to lack of a photographer added to the fact that I spend a lot of my time working from home- that negates dressing in photo appropriate clothing. Although, I must say that my vintage and vintage inspired lounge wear is worth a photograph.

BUT! We are in luck! My awesome friend and client Michelle and her professional photographer husband Philip took me and my project on for a couple of outfits!!! So, below are the pro photos and the best I could do with this Challenge.....

Day 1- T-Shirt, Alice Temperley for Target, GW $2; Dress, Ana Sui for Target, GW $2; Shoes; Banana Republic, consignment shop; free; Tights, Merona, Target $10; Purse, Italian Designer, Estate Sale, $2

Day 3- Dress, No Brand, 7.99; GW Shoes, Nine West,  $7.99 GW; Sweater, Merona $2 GW

Day 8- Sweater, Rebecca Taylor, Free; T-Shirt, C&C, FIDM Scolarship Store, $1; Skirt,Trina Turk, Nordstrom Rack $20; Shoes, Mosimo, Target $24.99; Hosiery, Off 5th $2 

Day 12- Dress, Milly, Consignment shop, free; Hat, Merona, Target $14.99   

Day 16 (My Birthday!)- Dress, Forever 21 Japan, GW $7.99; Sweater, Merona, Target $9.99; Hosiery, Nordstrom Rack $2

These 2 are favorites, so I had to take advantage of getting a better photo in 'um: .

Photo by Philip and Michelle Darlington

Photo by Philip and Michelle Darlington

I am done with Challenges.


  1. I came upon your blog by way of your youtube channel! I love your style and hair. Keep the posts coming!


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