26 March 2012

Hosiery and Stappy Sandles? Yes!

Here's a video for one of the projects I've been working on! I'm now a contributing style expert for ehow.com. Yay!

Since we all know I got a thing for hosiery, I had to post this video from the series first.

Hope you enjoy!

How to Wear Pantyhose With Strappy Sandals -- powered by ehow

 Blouse: LA + JO Boutique, Gratis.  laandjo.com
Skirt: Evan Picone Vintage, GW $2
Hosiery: Got those in Italy! $20 (Yeah, NOT frugal. But it's from ITALY!) find similar here: shapings.com
Shoes: Florsheim, Downtown Darling Boutique Long Beach.  $12

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