13 March 2012

60 Day Wardrobe Challenge

Since the Color Challenges were boring and bland, it's time for me to ruffle the feathers of my wardrobe. After purging the fall and winter digs, I've realized that I have a whole bunch of stuff that will occupying my closet for the next two seasons that I am not going to wear. I already know that  my once beloved pencil skirts will sit idle and lonely as I cheat with my flirty and flow-y skirts. We need to get reacquainted.  To assure their place in my closet, I am going on a 60 day Wardrobe diet Challenge. Just take a look at all this crap:

 As with the 30 Day Challenge, we've got some rules to follow: 
1. Can't wear the same item more than twice.
 2. Can't wear the same shoes twice in one week.
3. No shopping. Seriously, I don't have the space.
4. Special occasion dresses are included! 
5. Post pictures of outfits daily. 

Now, one of the most frustrating things of these challenges are the pictures. Since I do not have contact with my friends and family everyday, it's close to impossible to pose for the camera. And I am sick and tired of smiling goofy in the mirror. So, guess what I am going to do? Ask complete strangers to take my picture! If they're up to it, I will also feature them on the blog!

Yes- this is going to be a challenge. For sure.

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