26 March 2012

60 Day Wardrobe Challenge- Where's the Pics?

This whole stranger thing is not working. One the first day of the challenge, I knocked on my neighbor's door and asked him to take my pic. He did, but the picture is too horrible to post. I figure, when I ask random people to take my photograph, I get random picture results. Suffice it to say, that part of the challenge is scratched.

Which brings me to the lack of pictures.

After viewing some other fellow bloggers pages, I became a bit envious. The quality of their pictures is astonishing! Some of the blogs aren't even all that great- but the pics! I guess a picture really is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, I do not own a $1000+ camera and have my own private photographer. So the self mirror pics will have to suffice.

Post of pics coming soon....I promise!

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