26 March 2012

60 Day Wardrobe Challenge-Day 2

Navy Blue Tights. What more can I say?

 If you followed the 30 Wardrobe Challenge, then you know that I have a major thing for navy blue tights. It's beyond love- more like a soul rooted obsession! This outfit is all about the 'hose.

I became acquainted with my adored 'hose while in Italy this past Summer.  Even with very limited funds, I HAD to have these. Being Frugal, I'm ashamed to tell you how much I paid. I'll just say that they cost the equivalent of a 2 GW outfits. I added a circa '90's vintage dress; St. John's knit jacket; and beaded '60's purse (also made in Italy!) to round out this look.

The spectator Mary Jane pumps finished me off.

Jacket: St. John Knits, resale shop- Gratis
Dress: Possessed Vintage, resale shop- Gratis
Shoes: Mossimo, Target $14 (also shown here)
Tights: Phiippe Matignon, purchase in Italy
Purse: Bel-Air Handbags. Purchased at an estate sale for  $2

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