06 January 2012

Red Challenge=FAIL

It's going to be a while before I embrace this jacket.

 From the title of this post, there's no need to guess how the Red Challenge went. By Day 7, I was starting to hate my wardrobe- not a good thing at all! I found myself forcing my way through by wearing the same red corduroy jacket, just to say ,"I wore red today".  Although I started to look at red with scorn, some success were made in the wardrobe. For one, I wore pants! A bunch of times! I was also forced to become much more creative with my outfits. For example, Day 3 was only conceived by the need for red. So, maybe the Challenge was not a failure. But, an actual challenge.

Since I was lax in posting the pics of the daily outfits, I will do a "best of" Red Challenge post. Stay tuned....

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