11 December 2011

Red Challenge-Day 4

Yes! I'm back! In skirts! Three days of wearing pants is just one day too many. Since leaving my position at the college, my wardrobe has changed quite a bit. If I were one of my clients, I would advise myself to do away with the tailored jackets and pencil skirts. But I love tailored jackets and pencil skirts! Now, I just have to find an excuse to pull them out the closet. Today I had  an excuse.

When I consult with male clients, I dress as professional as possible. Still stylish, I tone down the feminine whimsy and play up the classic conservative side of my style personality. Bending and stooping in a man's closet is a bit tricky in a short skirt and scoop neck top- Just does not send the most professional message.

  I grabbed the jacket from my previous stint as a manager at a resale shop. The only great thing about that disastrous job was the great clothing I receive out of my product allotment. This jacket is from a small label that I'm not to familiar with but would love to find some other items from these folks. That is, at a thrift shop.This brown tweed skirt is one of my best finds to date from GW:  an authentic Chanel skirt for $2 bucks. I won the thrifting lottery.

Jacket: Millard Fillmore, "The Wire" Free
Top (not shown): Alice Temperley for Target, GW $2
Shoes: From Day 3

08 December 2011

Red Challenge-Day 3

I am wearing pants with holes in them. The Lord is soon to come. Wow! 3 days into this Challenge and I am pulling out the stuff! This outfit required me to put on my stylist hat. That's to admit that I keep it tucked away after hours. Heck! I'm supposed to know my style personality! But just like life, style is always evolving and is a reflection of your life experience. Currently, I'm on a quest with a road paved in mystery. Doesn't this outfit reflect that?

 Temptation was high to pair this 70's secretary blouse with a black skirt which would place me right back into my comfort zone.  Keeping my fem personality in tact, I pulled on the tweed-y jacket and tied the blouse into a bow.

Holes and all, these pants are quite pretty. The paisley print and cuff counter act the toughness of the rips and holes. The femininity on top helps further round the look out. But those shoes? They are b-a-d. The cut out detail, grosgrain ribbon laces, and pointed toe- just pure tough! In a feminine kind of way.

Blouse: Vintage, GW $2
Jacket: Merona, GW $2
Pants: Production sample, free
Shoes: Banana Republic, "Wire Hanger" free

Red Challenge-Day 2

What! Pants again?! The world must be coming to an end! For some reason, I've felt the need to wear pants. It's that .1% of masculinity that is in me. No, I am not saying that wearing pants in masculine,  but as a self-described priss, this is a big deal. As I am going through some things in my life that require some strength, my 99.9% femininity is allowing the skirts to take a break. Now, I've had some issues with these pants. In fact, I almost gave them away. But the fact that these did not need altering and cost $10 dollars, I decided to keep them around.

Ah! I'm exposed!

The issue is the fit. They are a bit on the tight side and don't hide any of my bodily sins. You see, with a skirt, a multitude of my sins are covered: thighs, butt, tummy- all covered. These right here? It's all on display. This is my insecurity with all pants. What I am about to admit is TMI, but I am going to go ahead and say it: I always get camel toe in pants. Specifically these pants. To prevent the number of public incidence of this, I do a few plie's around the house to loosen up the thigh area. Crap!  This is hella embarrassing! So, there you have it. The real reason why I don't wear pants.

Back to the subject at had- the cute red sweater! This was a Christmas gift from my mommy last year. She thought it was "me" and how right she is! As per the normal paring with a skirt, these cuff pants and spectator shoes gave it a new look that screams vintage 40's.

 Maximizing my red, I add in this beautifully fitted corduroy jacket. Besides the rich color, and soft texture, I love that it covers my sins.

Sweater: Merona, Target: Gift from Mom- Worn previously
Pants: Nine West, Marshalls $10
Shoes: Mossimo, Target $14- Worn previously
Jacket: My Michelle, GW $2

07 December 2011

Red Challenge: Day 1

Before we get started on the cute red sweater, do you notice what else I'm wearing? Pants! I figure, with the end of the year approaching, I might as well make them work into my wardrobe. Now is the perfect opportunity.

Today was a bit on the chilly side, so I took the opportunity to pair up one of my favorites with those festive pants. If you remember, I've worn this sweater before, and just like the previous paring, I feel very vintage-y. It's something about the crimson and cream wool texture and tailoring that bring to mind a different era.

Now, about those pants. As a lady with full thighs, I tend to shy away from the wide leg silhouette, but the moment I spotted these Diane von Furstenberg's at GW, they were destined to be apart of my wardrobe. Brand new with tags and altered to my 5'0 height, I quickly overcame my wide leg phobia.

On a side note, did you notice my hair is shorter?  (and blowing in the wind..)

Sweater: Moth, GW $5.49
Blouse: Merona, Target $4.99
Pants: Diane von Furstenberg, GW $2
Shoes: Banana Republic, not-mentioning- the store, free (more on that later)

05 December 2011

Color Challenge: Red December, Blue January

As if my life were not challenging enough, I 'm adding additional pressure to myself with a new wardrobe challenge. This time, it's with color.

Like many of you, I associate red with Christmas. It's a powerful color that evokes excitement and just screams Par-tay.- Just what I need. Being that December marks the end, I want to go out with a powerful BANG!

Don't know why, but I've always associated January with blue. Specifically, the best color in the whole wide world- navy blue. Just like January, it's mysterious and stoic.  I am predicting the need to evoke a bit of mystery and stoicism in the upcoming year.

Just like the 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge, we've got some rules:

- Entire outfit must include the dominant Challenge color
- Accessories can not compensate for the color
- Variations such as fuchsia pink or teal green  are not included

Unlike the 30 Day Challenge, I will repeat some  items. I don't own that much red or blue!

Wish me luck!

02 December 2011

The Frugal Home

Lamp, $12.99 GW; Lamb, Priceless gift from Mom. Thanks Mommy!

We all know that I have an obsession with clothes. Need I remind you of the 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge? 
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