11 December 2011

Red Challenge-Day 4

Yes! I'm back! In skirts! Three days of wearing pants is just one day too many. Since leaving my position at the college, my wardrobe has changed quite a bit. If I were one of my clients, I would advise myself to do away with the tailored jackets and pencil skirts. But I love tailored jackets and pencil skirts! Now, I just have to find an excuse to pull them out the closet. Today I had  an excuse.

When I consult with male clients, I dress as professional as possible. Still stylish, I tone down the feminine whimsy and play up the classic conservative side of my style personality. Bending and stooping in a man's closet is a bit tricky in a short skirt and scoop neck top- Just does not send the most professional message.

  I grabbed the jacket from my previous stint as a manager at a resale shop. The only great thing about that disastrous job was the great clothing I receive out of my product allotment. This jacket is from a small label that I'm not to familiar with but would love to find some other items from these folks. That is, at a thrift shop.This brown tweed skirt is one of my best finds to date from GW:  an authentic Chanel skirt for $2 bucks. I won the thrifting lottery.

Jacket: Millard Fillmore, "The Wire" Free
Top (not shown): Alice Temperley for Target, GW $2
Shoes: From Day 3

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