08 December 2011

Red Challenge-Day 2

What! Pants again?! The world must be coming to an end! For some reason, I've felt the need to wear pants. It's that .1% of masculinity that is in me. No, I am not saying that wearing pants in masculine,  but as a self-described priss, this is a big deal. As I am going through some things in my life that require some strength, my 99.9% femininity is allowing the skirts to take a break. Now, I've had some issues with these pants. In fact, I almost gave them away. But the fact that these did not need altering and cost $10 dollars, I decided to keep them around.

Ah! I'm exposed!

The issue is the fit. They are a bit on the tight side and don't hide any of my bodily sins. You see, with a skirt, a multitude of my sins are covered: thighs, butt, tummy- all covered. These right here? It's all on display. This is my insecurity with all pants. What I am about to admit is TMI, but I am going to go ahead and say it: I always get camel toe in pants. Specifically these pants. To prevent the number of public incidence of this, I do a few plie's around the house to loosen up the thigh area. Crap!  This is hella embarrassing! So, there you have it. The real reason why I don't wear pants.

Back to the subject at had- the cute red sweater! This was a Christmas gift from my mommy last year. She thought it was "me" and how right she is! As per the normal paring with a skirt, these cuff pants and spectator shoes gave it a new look that screams vintage 40's.

 Maximizing my red, I add in this beautifully fitted corduroy jacket. Besides the rich color, and soft texture, I love that it covers my sins.

Sweater: Merona, Target: Gift from Mom- Worn previously
Pants: Nine West, Marshalls $10
Shoes: Mossimo, Target $14- Worn previously
Jacket: My Michelle, GW $2

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