05 December 2011

Color Challenge: Red December, Blue January

As if my life were not challenging enough, I 'm adding additional pressure to myself with a new wardrobe challenge. This time, it's with color.

Like many of you, I associate red with Christmas. It's a powerful color that evokes excitement and just screams Par-tay.- Just what I need. Being that December marks the end, I want to go out with a powerful BANG!

Don't know why, but I've always associated January with blue. Specifically, the best color in the whole wide world- navy blue. Just like January, it's mysterious and stoic.  I am predicting the need to evoke a bit of mystery and stoicism in the upcoming year.

Just like the 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge, we've got some rules:

- Entire outfit must include the dominant Challenge color
- Accessories can not compensate for the color
- Variations such as fuchsia pink or teal green  are not included

Unlike the 30 Day Challenge, I will repeat some  items. I don't own that much red or blue!

Wish me luck!


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