01 July 2011

The quest for Friendly Clothes

Once I got off the plane in Barcelona, the quest was on to find Ropa Amiga. But since I did not know the address of the store AND did not speak Spanish I had some challenges. I received a dismissive blank stare  from the English speaking receptionist at my hotel when I asked enthusiastically about Ropa Amiga. That caused my frustration to reach high levels. Oh, why didn't I write down the address?! Just before I was going to give into defeat, one of my Spanish speaking traveling companions came to the rescue.

Myself along with other frugal ladies set out with high expectations to find the smiley face store. Instead, we were directed to Humana. Now, Humana is apart of a global organization that is dedicated to supplying clothing to impoverished countries through clothing donations. Not a bad mission at all! I decided to give this Humana a try.

  The store was so pretty! It had the GW feel of long racks of clothing but the walls were lined in wall paper! So European! I had to take a photo! Excited, I whipped out my camera and started to click away. Even after I received a stern warning of "no fotografĂ­a" from the shop keeper, I snuck in the following shot:

All of the clothing was in great condition and recent styles. Prices ranged from 5,50€ for shirts and 7,99€ for dresses -  equivalent to about $9 and  $12 USD. Not frugal enough for me, I left empty handed. I did get this last shot in just before getting kicked out: 

Skirts and the mean shop keeper.

Oh, how I missed my friendly store.

1 comment:

  1. I just noticed that all the hangers were black! So visually appealing for a second-hand store!


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