01 July 2011

My new favorite finds: Vintage Sleepwear

As stated in previous post, I 'm really into the girly, pretty underpinnings of lingerie and sleepwear. Nothing beats  the feel of silk and Chantilly lace against my skin. Seriously. Nothing.  With that said, I rarely if ever purchase such delicate and personal items second hand.

This silk Christian Dior robe is an exception to that rule.

The soft feel of the fabric and classic navy blue dots drew me in instantly when I spotted this at The Salvation Army. I had visions of drinking  tea on my terrace as I gaze out to the Pacific Ocean.... Oh, so glamorous! Since it was in great condition with zero signs of wear, I had to have it. This $4.99 find must have sold for at least $70 dollars at Saks back in the day.

Rumbled among mu-mus from the 70's, this coral silk chemise in PERFECT condition jumped out at me. $2.99?! Oh, yes. I'm getting this too!
100% Silk vintage Victoria's Secret Chemise

With all things purchased second hand, I  meticulously look for "mystery" stains; signs of wear; and rancid smells. Just a few days before, GW had a whole lot of vintage ultra glam Christian Dior chemises that I had to pass up. Dang it mystery stains!

These two discoveries at Salvation Army may persuade me to purvey their aisles more often.

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  1. I failed to mention the year of thsese vintage pieces! I guesstimate that the robe is mid 80's by the fact that it was made in USA. The chemise is early 90's for sure. I can tell by the silhouette, color and Victoria's Secret label.


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