03 May 2011

Shoes: A shopping dilemma

Recent Purchases : Tan Espadrilles, TJ Maxx $24.99; Black Wedges, Payless $24.99; White Espadrilles, TJ Maxx  $24.99; Nude Stilettos, Target $29.99; Satin Kitten Heels, Marshall's $29.99

Why, you ask? Well, there are several issues that are present when I shop for shoes. As I've mentioned in past post, I am a vegan and as a result, I do not purchase any new leather products. The exceptions to the rule are GW finds in quality condition or my mom's cast offs. Can't pass those up. My size 5 feet also present a problem.  You don't know how many times I've come across a great pair of kicks only to discover it's an evil size 6.  And, being the Frugal Lady that I am, I refuse to spend more than $50 bucks on a pair of shoes that are made in China of synthetic materials. Just doesn't make sense. With those issues in mind, I have a shopping dilemma.

Since shoes at GW are a rare find, my hunting has to happen elsewhere. While at Target, I always take a stroll into the shoe department. Fortunately for me, I get lucky. Most of their shoes top out at $30 bucks and the designer collaborations have really improved the quality and image of non-leather shoes. If its love at 1st sight, I snatch my beloved up immediately. If it's just a crush,  I will wait until they appear on the clearance rack before I commit. Ross, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx  bring out  my frustration like no other.  These 3 have no regard for the ladies with small feet. In some locations, the smallest they carry is a 6! What the hell..! It's heart breaking to meet a shoe that has all the qualities I need only to discover it's not a fit.   But when I do!! It's magic! Even if it's just a crush, it's coming home with me. I  would be a fool to  pass up branded shoes- that are not leather- and cost less than $50 bucks!

Recently, I was on a quest to find a comfortable espadrille style shoe for an upcoming trip. My search lead me to Payless. Now, Payless is not the Payless of my youth. They have pumped up their style! Like Target, they too have designer collaborations.  Although their size 5 section is no better than the discount department stores. In fact, it's quite offensive to find my size directly next to the kiddies. What are they inferring? Before I lose my cool, I did find a cute canvas wedge. Next to a little girl's maryjane.  All is forgiven.


  1. I understand you shoe option problems so well...I am currently a 10 1/2 which is a rare find...so I always have to go for an 11...big feet, small feet shoes pose many women problemas

  2. Hi Curly Locks!

    Don't you feel like Goldie Locks when it comes to your shoes?

    My elf feet have compassion for you, too. Darn those size 7 and 8 ladies!


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