22 April 2011

Recycle your clothing: Participate in a clothing swap

Up for the Swap: 11 skirts, 2 dresses, 4 jackets, 4 sweaters, 5 blouses, 1 pant suit

What's a clothing swap you ask? It's an event where all the invited guest bring new to gently used clothes and accessories that are sitting idle in their closet and exchange them for something that will bring new life to their wardrobe .Usually, these events are free to attend and everything is up for grabs! I am host such an event in the next week, and  today I began to prep the items I am bidding far well.  Some highlights that I am contributing to the Swap include:

I purchased this for $10 bucks at GW over 2 years ago with the intent to have the jacket and pants altered. That never happened. Ann Taylor Loft pant suit (never worn) size 2

I really wish this was in my size. Barney's New York skirt size 8

I never bonded with this sweater. Every time I go to put in on, I take it off.  Maybe someone else will have love for her. BCBG Cashmere blend sweater size XS
Sigh. If I could fit this, you would not be seeing this picture. Linen blend jacket size 8

 Too big. Attempted to wear this as a vest. I looked ridiculous. Max Mara wool blend sweater size XL

If you are in the Los Angeles area and would like to attend my shindig, let me know. If not, I am pretty sure that you can find a clothing swap that is open to the public in your area. Check out the website meetup.com. Or if you are adventurous like me, host your own!

All items that did not find a new home will be donated to my favorite store in the whole wide word, Goodwill.

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