05 April 2011

The other F Word: FREE!!!!!!!

Some of my favorite words began with a F:  Fashion, Fabulous, Food, Frugal, and Free. We all know that I live to shop at GW, but what about the rest of my my life? Here's a list of products and companies that incorporate my frugal lifestyle. And best of all, I get these items for F-R-E-E!!!

Thanks to this fabulous blog, freestufftimes.com, I receive a daily list of links for free products. Some of which includes magazine subscriptions. I seriously love magazines. Nothing beats a glossy in my hand over a cup of tea. Pure paradise. In addition to magazine subscriptions, I  receive everything from household products to a Spanx Thong valued at $22 bucks. The gentlemen that manages this blog is really good at making sure these are not scams that require a credit card to receive the "free" item. I suggest setting up a separate email address dedicated to your freebies. Many will require you to subscribe to their email newsletter.  You also need to dedicate at least 10 minutes of time to fill out the forms and search the site. But trust me. It's worth it.

All these samples are courtesy of Bare Essentials! To promote the launch of their new skincare line, the company partnered with houseparty.com.  As a host for House Party, I invite up to 10 of my friends over to sample and discuss the product. I then provide feedback via the House Party website. I have been selected to host parties that center around salads,condoms, and the launch of new TV shows.

I also take surveys from epoll.com to gain points towards gift cards. Now, this is not one of those places that will fill up your email box with crappy offers. This is the most legit of all of the online pollsters. The surveys are always thought provoking and I know that my response is valuable. Most of the surveys take about 5-10 minutes and are worth around 500 points. I am saving my points for a $25 gift card to Target. Guess what I am planning to spend it on?

Another great way to live free and frugal is to become a coupon clipper. Due to my vegan, gluten and soy free diet, most coupons do not cater to the  specialized food products that I purchase. So, I am not quite there yet. However, from this day forward, I am pledging to not buy another roll of toilet paper or bottle of laundry detergent without a coupon.

I am taking cues from her:

Joyce is Living Fabulously Frugal and Free with Food!!! My inspiration!

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