01 February 2011

Wardrobe Challenge Update- Will I make it?

Look at all those tops! With less than 20 days* left in the Challenge, I will have to change my shirt at least twice a day if I am to save all these from being recycled! Instead of panicking, I have concocted a plan. If you look closely, you will notice a mix of camisoles, blouses, and sweaters. With a little imagination, I can layer on all three to create an interesting and creative look. I will reserve my panic for other areas of my life.

However, the bottoms are a different story. I have never seen such a sad looking rack in all of my life! In all fairness, I have not added in my purchases from the GW $2 sale extravaganza. So, maybe I will make it without having to resort to wearing pants that I detest. I plan on recycling 3 of the 7 that I own.

To overcome the temptation to cheat, I am storing the clothes that I've already worn in a spare closet. I can not wait to welcome them back into my wardrobe.

*As promised, I am extending the 30 Challenge by the number of wearable items that I purchased during the $2 GW sale. Although 20 items were purchased, I have identified 7  that are not appropriate for the season or weather. I am adding those items to be include in the 30 Wardrobe Challenge- Spring Addition.

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