11 February 2011

Wardobe Challenge - Day 30 !

Praise God! I completed this Challenge! I am so happy that this is over! I seriously miss my wardrobe. I have not worn a solid black skirt in over a month! I wanted to wear something more festive to celebrate this occasion, but that outfit choice would not have been practical. Unfortunately a mid thigh puffy skirt is not appropriate attire for a career fair. My satin ruffled blouse would have to be the stand in at this corporate and collegiate influenced event. The skirt I did wear is NOT from GW, but from that "other" second-hand store: The Salvation Army. Now, don't get me wrong. I like the Salvation Army. As a Christian based organization that helps the community though the Gospel, it's a great non-profit organization. What I do not like is the inconsistency of their prices. Unlike GW, The Salvation Army (TSA), considers the quality and brand of the clothing when costing it out. I've discovered great items like a simple Banana Republic sweater and had to return it to the rack after looking at the $10 price tag. I refuse to pay double digits for second hand clothing. That's not frugal. That's foolish. However, one day of not discovering much at GW, I ventured over to TSA and discovered this herringbone patterned skirt. I skeptically picked it up off a rack amidst some clothing that would have given you a nightmare. Lo and behold, it was only $3 bucks! Now, that's a deal!

On this final day, I wore my favorite shoes and pantyhose. Just because I can, I will wear them again tomorrow.

Cardigan: Halogen, Nordstrom Rack $10
Blouse: Merona, GW $2
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft, TSA $3
Hosiery: Calvin Klein, Nordstrom Rack $3
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, DSW Shoes $200 (worn on days, 7 and 25)


  1. I think this is my favorite outfit out of all of them....


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