06 February 2011

Wardobe Challenge Day-27

I've anxiously awaited  the day to wear this skirt. The tulle fabric,  lace detail and short hemline cancel it out for most functions in my life. But, not tonight! Pulling out a wardrobe favorite to attend the opening costume exhibit at my college was just as exciting as the costumes in the exhibit. The sheerness of the tulle layered over the lace detail on the slip gets it's inspiration from ballet and lingerie. Two of my favorite things!

Not to be outdone, I matched this whimsical skirt up with a lamb's(!) wool sweater that has the sweetest rhinestone button detail. I love this delicate sweater.

 I pulled out my beloved navy blue polka dot tights and shoes first seen on Day 5. .

   If you pay close attention, this wardrobe masterpiece symbolically represents my identity:  love of ballet in the tulle; complex personality in navy blue; femininity in the rhinestone buttons; and of course, the lamb's wool for my admiration and  respect for sheep and representation of my Christian faith. If I could get away with it, I would wear this outfit everyday for the rest of my life. Today, it was perfect for a Red Carpet moment.

Sweater: J Crew, GW $5
Skirt: Rodarte for Target, GW $2
Hosiery: Kate Spade, TJ MAXX $10
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless, Payless $38

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