25 February 2011

Goodwill of DC: Guest Blog Post

So excited! I did a guest blog post for Goodwill of DC!! Christmas came early for me this year!

Read about why I am a Goodwill Addict. If you like it, make a comment.


  1. I loved your post! I also live in So Cal, but I shop West LA mostly. I've never heard of the $2 sales, and I've been thrifting since birth! ; )

    You have fab style. Love the red TT dress. I just hosted a giveaway of a TT dress on Wednesday, which of course was a GW find for $7.99. Love to know about the $2 sales!!!

  2. Hi Kris!

    Thanks! I love to write about being frugal and fashionable!

    The $2 sales happen at the stores in Long Beach and South Bay every 6 months. At one time, this event was a monthly occurrence!

  3. Great post! You are so stinkin cute! I too am a goodwill attict. I love the motto, "buy used save the difference!" It has saved me lots of money and I still get to wear brandnames and no one is the wiser. (unless I choose to brag)

  4. I like that motto, Corie! It is so true!

  5. Love your post and your fashion attitude! I love finding cute outfits at Goodwill. I can find cute pieces that I know I won't see on office-mates the next week; I can get nice, name-brand clothes for just a few dollars (allowing me to shop more often); and it challenges me to look at fashion beyond the recommended outfit on the mannequin that I see in regular retail stores.
    Keep the cute clothes coming!

  6. Great post! I'm a lover of all things Goodwill and loved your finds.

    I've got to support the thriftsters so I'm your newest follower!


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