25 February 2011

30 Day Wardrobe Challenge: What I learned, What I am giving up

Lounging at home. Blouse- DVF,Goodwill $2; Skirt- Zac Posen for Target,Goodwill $2; Shoes-Mossimo, Target $14
I know. It's been quite a while since my last post. Once I hit the 30 day mark, I was so relieve that I could finally wear some of my favorite pieces again. I just needed a little break from blogging to attend to other areas in my life. The break is over and I am back to share what I discovered about myself during the Challenge:
  • I don't like pants
  • Pencil skirts make me feel sexy and feminine
  • Dressing up with a little more effort lifts my mood 
  • It's okay to wear hosiery on the beach
  • I have great clothes!
Regarding the pants issue.....

You may have noticed that I only wore pants once.I  do not find them interesting. Wearing a skirt with hosiery is so much more fun. Since I have a gut feeling that I will need these one day, I am holding on to two pairs:

You would never know it, but I really do like these Ann Taylor tuxedo pants.   I am just too cheap to take them to a tailor to repair the hem. I know. Shame on me.  Ann Taylor $50 (purchased 7 years ago)

I wore  these Diane von Furnstenburg wool pants a few times this Fall. That justifies their stay. DVF, Goodwill $2

These next few are getting the heave- ho. The fit is snug through the hips and thighs, and the back pockets make my behind look wide and flat. Need I say more?

  Purchased these because of the price and did not need any alterations. Sorry pants- I never loved you.  Nine West, Marshalls $10
Purchased 6 years ago with a matching jacket. I wear the jacket in the Spring, but have not worn these pants in 3 years. Issac Mizarhi, Target $24

Ugh. I hate these pants. Took them to the cleaners to shorten the hem and what I got back was an ankle pant. Ankle boot-cut pants are not a good look. Even with flats, they look ridiculous. French Connection, Lohmanns $40

These other items did not make the cut:

So "not me." NY and CO, Goodwill $2

Wanted to like this skirt, but it's too big in the waist and way too long. Esprit, Esprit Outlet $7

The long hemline makes me look granny.  Merona, Goodwill $2

Don't be fooled. This blouse is not really navy blue- more like a teal. This impostor has to go. Forever 21, $14
This skirt is tight as hell. French Connection, Goodwill $2

This is an XL; I am a XS. Max Studio, Goodwill $2
Don't know what I was thinking when I got this. So, not "me". NY and CO, Goodwill $2

Really wanted to make this work. Wide wale corduroy does not agree with my hips.  Vintage, Goodwill $2
I can not breath in this. Evan Picone, Goodwill $2
This is a "Maybe". I may hold on to it till next Fall.  Issac Mizarhi, Target $10

From this Challenge I learned, new clothes do not make me feel good, look slimmer; or appear prettier. I have everything I will ever need waiting for me in my closet.


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