12 January 2011

Wardrobe Challenge-Day 7

I survived a week! Can you believe it? I can't! I am surprised that I did not succumb to wearing the same black shoes everyday with one of my 5 black skirts. I did good! I was in the company of strangers today, and was not able to meet up with my photographer (aka 10 year old niece) for our photo shoot.  Even though this picture is not half bad, I would have like to model this for you.  You see, this skirt is one of my most treasured finds. The material is raw silk and the purple-blueish color matches up with many items in my closet. I have to prevent myself from wearing it too much by bartering it with another skirt. How much do you think I paid for this Trina Turk beauty? You will never guess.... I paid $20 bucks! It was originally $400!! That's a STEAL! Another steal are these patent leather stilettos. These are my everyday black shoes! Purchased back in 2004 for $200, this wardrobe staple is the most valuable item in my closet. No- it's not because of their cost.  I can stand for 8 hours in these without my feet screaming in agony. Every item in my wardrobe matches their simplicity. Their value is measured in comfort and versatility. For those reasons alone, they are a steal. 

Jacket: Grace Elements, The Goodwill $2
Blouse: Merona, Target $4
Skirt: Trina Turk, Nordstrom Rack $20
Hosiery: Calvin Klein, Nordstrom Rack $3.90
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, DSW Shoes $200 (originally $500)

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