07 January 2011

Wardrobe Challenge- Day 3

Today was a good wardrobe day. In fact, I subconsciously wore the school colors of the high school I visited. Wonder how that happened! The kids found it amusing. I purchased this skirt from one of the $2 sales at GW and always delayed wearing it. After getting it home and into my closet to mingle with my other skirts, I was experiencing buyer's remorse.I thought it resembled a flight attendant's skirt. To over come that prejudice, I  added a cute little jacket and some snazzy pantyhose.  Today, I figured how to work it!  I also must discuss the shoes. I experienced love at first sight the first time I laid eyes on those beauties back in 2003. The flesh toned tan color made my legs look a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  However, I neglected them in 2007 for another love. This is the 1st time I've worn those darlings in over 4 years. We fell in love all over again.

Scarf- Target, $6.90
T-shirt(not shown)-  Bossini(?) , GW $2
Skirt- Rope'(?), GW $2
Jacket- Merona Target, Gift from sister
Belt- Mossimo, Target, $4.70
Pantyhose- Nordstrom, $3.90
Shoes-Via Spiga, Macy's $198 (before I was frugal)

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