31 January 2011

Wardrobe Challenge- Day 23

I've been saving this blouse since the start of the Challenge. It is a beautiful mix of all the elements I look for in my clothing. First, it's a nice dark shade of navy blue. The ruffle trim outlined in black and the neck tie give off such a chic vibe. If I could, I would wear this everyday.

You would think that with my hips I would be repealed by anything with pleats.  But just like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to the femininity that this look provides.I added a contemporary looking belt to draw the eye to my waist and away from my hips.

These shoes are darling. I've had them in my possession since '06 and can count on 1 hand the times I've worn them. I'm am terrified of scoffing the delicate clear heel or spilling wine on the fabric. Since I was doing a lot of sitting today, they were okay with seeing the outside world.  These tights may look pretty, but boy are they itchy! If I can find a similar replacement, these will be seeing the inside of my garbage.

Blouse: GO International, GW $2
Skirt: The Limited, GW  $2
Belt: New York and Co, TJMAXX  $7
Hosiery: Japanse Label, GW $.99
Shoes: Abaete' for Payless, $8


  1. Oh, these tights are so pretty! Did you really throw them away?

  2. I did. :( They were itchy! However, I've since replaced them with non-itchy tights that are just as cute!


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