23 January 2011

Wardrobe Challenge- Day 16.2

This is a cute dress that I really want to show you. It has a cool abstract floral design in light gray and purple. But thanks to the camera on my phone, I can only show you a blurry mess. Dang camera phone! I selected this dress to wear on a 1st date at a nice restaurant. I wanted to dress a little more trendy and less conservative so my date did not know that I am really an uptight prude. I think my disguise worked.. Despite all that, my date took great pleasure in being my photographer for the evening.

Dress: Richard Chai for Target, GW $7.99
Necklace: Dominique Cohen for Target $14.00
Tights: Spanx, Ruelala.com $9
Shoes: Mossimo, Target $14 (from day 13)  *

*These shoes are sitting down only

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