24 January 2011

I am breaking a Wardrobe Challege rule and creating a new one: GW IS HAVING A SALE!

Although I made a commitment not to shop during the Challenge, I have to make this one exception. This Sale of all Sales only happens once every 6 months!  To make up for my indiscretion, I will extend the Wardrobe Challenge by however many items I purchase during this monumental event. So for example: if I purchase 6 skirts, I will extend the Challenge by 6 additional days. I will also donate 6 items out of my wardrobe to make space for the new purchases. To maintain financial responsibility and prevent myself from becoming a hoarder, I have established a budget of $40 dollars. You see? I am being frugal and responsible! That's a challenge!

1 comment:

  1. I love the goodwill...even if I don't find an item in my size I always find a fabric to create something new...


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