29 January 2011

Wardrobe Challenge Day 19 *

*  When I am not posting pics of my outfits, that means that I schlepped around the house on that day. I draw the line at showing you what I look like in my pjs' and no face paint. 

 I felt really feminine and pretty in this outfit. In fact, this combination lifted my mood. The beautiful rosette embellishment on the sweater put a smile on my face. It's so pretty! I layered the sweater with a thin, ruffle detailed ,button down blouse to play up the embellished thing I had going on.

The bright pink, raw silk skirt was purchased on sale at Banana Republic 6 years ago with the explicit intent to match my then boyfriend. I purchased a  shirt and tie for him that matched the skirt! Weren't we the cutest little couple? All dressed up looking like a Black Barbie and Ken. His zealous agreement to dress like that, in pink should have been a clear indication....  Unlike the relationship, the rich color of this skirt made it  indispensable.

Since the skirt's full pleats fall below my knee, the hosiery and shoe selection were crucial in preventing this look from becoming too sweet and matronly. I teamed it up with my textured striped, gray pantyhose and faux python slingbacks. You will never guess how much I paid for those shoes! Only $7 bucks at Marshall's!

Sweater: Merona, Target (Christmas gift from my Mommy)
Blouse: American Living (Ralph Lauren private label for JC Penny's ), GW $2
Skirt: Banana Republic $40
Hosiery: Nordstrom Rack $3.90
Shoes: Calvin Klein, Marshall's $7


  1. By far one of my favorite outfits...love the pop of color from the skirt...

  2. I like this outfit too! Did you read Challenge Day 20? I found the EXACT skirt in RED at GW!

    At the end of the Challenge, I plan on creating a lookbook of me "modeling" my favorites. This will be included!


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